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IA Venkatachalam Kameswaran

V.Kameswaran, B.Sc., B.L.,(International Arbiter (1980)


My Performance as a Chess player
Venkatachalam Kameswaran is one of the popular personality of Indian chess.He was born on 8th October 1943 at Chennai,Tamil nadu, India

He is a retired Income tax and sports officer Chennai. He is popularly known as the India’s First ever International chess Arbiter.

He Represented Madras / Tamil Nadu State in the National/ National-B Chess Championships in the following years, 1966 = Madras 1972 = Ahmedabad 1978 = Pollachi 1969 = Bangalore 1974 = Bhubaneswar 1986 = Aizawl 1971 = Jaipur 1975 = Patna.

 He Represented Central Revenues Sport Board (CRSB) in the National-B Chess Championships:- 1982 = Agartala 1983 = Ahmedabad

He Represented Regional Sports Board , Chennai in the All India Civil Services Chess Tournament . 1987 = Bhopal 1991 = Trivandrum 1999 = Jaipur 1989 = Ahmedabad 1994 = Calcutta (NB:-The team won the first place in al the five championships and obtained four increments so far).

He Represented Tamil Nadu State in the following National / Inter-State Team Chess Championships. 1968 = Poona = Team was runner-up, 1974 = Madras = South Zone ( including Srilanka) : Winner, 1977 = Kanyakumari = Captain of Tamil Nadu”B” Team.

He Participated as a member of the CRSB Team which secured the third place , In the 2nd National Institutional Team Chess Championship, 1991 at Madras.

Won the All India Central Revenues Chess Championship. 1972-73, 1974-75 and 1978-79 ( all at New Delhi)

His performance at Sri Lanka Open Chess Championship :- Feb 1976 = Colombo = Sixth ( R.Ravi Sekhar finished first), Jul 1976 = Colombo = Third ( R.Ravi Sekhar finished first), Feb 1978 = Colombo = First equal ( Quadruple tie with D.V.Prasad).

He is the Captain of Madras-B Team which won the Tamil Nadu State Inter-District Team Chess Championship at Madurai 1977-78.

He Won many open chess tournaments including those conducted by the Central Services Regional Sports Board, Madras / Chennai.

The best performance was in the year 1972 when finished first ahead of India’s first International Master and the then National Champion Manuel Aaron and other players including Finnish International Master Hannu Keto, R.Ravi Sekhar, T.N.Parameswaran and R.Vijayaraghavan (National Junior Champion) in the Madras District Chess Championship.

Won the ” Thematic T/14-G” tournament of the World Correspondence Chess Federation in which leading American and European players took part.

In the Simultaneous chess display by the then visiting Soviet Grand masters, scored over Alexi Suetin and drew with Yuri Averbakh.

Represented Madras City in the Third Asian Cities Chess Championship held at Hong Kong from Feb 22 to Mar 01, 1991. Tied for the third place in the All India FIDE Rated Tournament at Palani in Oct, 82 in which R.Ravi Sekhar, Arun Vaidya, V.Koshy. R.S.Gupta and P.Mithrakanth took part .

Finished second in the Nanjundiah Memorial All India Open at Mettupalayam in Jan ,1984. Won the first prize partnering IM Alon Greenfeld in a Garden Chess for Coaches held at Kiljava- off Helsinki, Finland, the venue of the World juniors.

Participated in the City Quick play, Lloyds Bank Masters and Greater London Chess Championships all at London, England.

Tournament games were published in leading chess journals in India and abroad.
§  Former World Champion Borris Spassky referred his won game against National Champion Manuel Aaron in his analysis of the Najdorf variation of the Sicilian defense .

This is the first game between two Indian players that can be found in the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) in 5 volumes brought out by the Yugoslav Chess Federation. This game has been adjudged as an interesting brevity and included one among the 200 games selected in the decade 1971 to 1980 by a British author under the caption. ” 200 Modern Brilliancies ” And also referred by the GM Nunn in his Sicilian Book

As a Chess Coach

After attending the Orientation Course for Coaches in the Nethaji Subbash National Institute of Sports Patiala during July ,1977 , the All India Chess Federation included in its panel as Honorary Coach to train young players in India.

Represented India as Coach for Viswanathan Anand in the World Juniors , Kiljava off Helsinki, Finland, Aug 02 to 18, ’84 and also accompanied him in the Lloyds Bank Tournament, London in which Anand obtained his first International Master norm.

Represented India as AICF Coach for Viswanathan Anand in the World Championship Quarter-finals, Aug 1991.

Represented India as Coach for Krishnan Sasikiran who bagged the Bronze Medal in the 7th Asian Under- 16 Boys Chess Championship at Doha, Qatar, Aug,’94.

He was also the Chairman of the Appeals Committee. Chief Coach of the Children’s Club Society (Regd / Established 1947), Mylapore, Chennai-600 004 from the year 1991 year onwards training young children below 16 years at three levels beginner, middle and higher categories .

Every year, more than100 children come out successfully for competitive chess at District, State,National and International level.

Chief Coach of the cent old Mylapore Club , Luz Corner.

Now monitoring Kameswaran Chess Academy besides also chief coach of the GSS Jain Vidyalaya, Vepery.
Coach for the Indian team in the Asian Chess (Indl) , Cebu, Philippines, 2007.

Selected as one of the first seven approved National Tournament Directors by the All India Chess Federation in its formative years.

As a Chess Arbiter

India’s first and senior most approved FIDE (World Chess Federation) TERNATIONAL ARBITER in India.
Represented India in the First Asian Technical Chess Conference at Manila, Philippines,1979.
South Zone & Sri Lanka Team Chess Championship, Colombo, 1976. Asian Junior Chess Championship, Sivakasi, 1979.,

, Asian Grandmasters, Calcutta,1985.

World Candidates : Viswanathnan Anand (India) Vs Alexi Dreev (Russia) {Deputy Chief Arbiter), Chennai,1991.

World Juniors, Calicut, 1998. Asian Zonal, Chennai, 1995. Pentamedia GM, Chennai.
Chess Olympiad, Bled Slovenia, Oct 2002.,

Asian Chess (Indl), Cebu,Philippines, 2007.

a) Asian Grandmasters, Tiruchy (BHEL), 1979. b) Asian Juniors, Sivakasi, 1980.

c) International Rating , Coimbatore, 1983.

d)International Rating , Hyderabad, 1997.

e) Natl Women Bangalore, 2005.

f) FIDE Rated Guruswamy Memorial Palani for more than 15 times.

g) 44th National-B, Ahmedabad , 2006.

h) World chess Championship for the Blind , Goa, 2006 (latest).

I) National’A’ for the Blind, Mount Abu, 2008. Conducted All India Technical Chess Conferences and National Level Arbiters’ Examinations :- Bangalore(twice) , Nagpur, Calicut (twice), Kottayam, Sangli, Chennai (Six times), Sivakasi, (twice) selected as Chairman, AICF Arbiters’ Council, 1997-2000, 2001-2004, 2005-08.

Deputy Chief Arbiter
1.Deputy Chief Arbiter -World Junior Chennai ,Tamil Nadu

As a Chess Organiser

Executive Committee Member of the Madras State Chess Association, 1969-70,,

A leading member of the Ad hoc Committee in forming the Madras District Chess association The State Association became a federal organization

Honorary Treasurer of the Madras District Chess Association, 1971 to 1973

Honorary Joint Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Chess Association, 1975-78

  1. Honorary Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Chess Association, 1978-81 & 1993-97

    Honorary Secretary of the Madras District Chess Association ,